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[A Traveler Guide to Kinnaur, Chitkul, Sangla]




About the Kinnaur Valley!


India has been honored with the sort of regular endowments that God has presented to us. One of the numerous wonders of nature is the great Himalayas that decorate the horizon of the Northern conditions of India. Regardless of whether you are in Himachal or Uttarakhand, you will actually want to see the flawless and threatening snow-covered mountain runs that will without a doubt leave you in stunning-ness. While, you will essentially get a stunning perspective from the majority of the Northern towns, yet the magnificence of Reckong Peo in the Kinnaur region is something else. Situated at 2300 meters above ocean level, this little town is the team gem of the Kinnaur locale. The town is damaged with tall trees and green knoll. The second you stroll into the town you will be hypnotized by the ancient and customary designs that are utilized by local people here. This spot is made rich with an intense sensation of quietness and peacefulness. What truly pulls in sightseers here is the excellent perspective on both the Kailash and the Shiva Lingam Rock. This wondrous town is additionally the solitary spot from where these two wonders of the Himalayas can be seen taking all things together its magnificence. The perspective on these two wonders is totally dazzling and you will end up stuck there for quite a long time gazing at the miracle that crested over the mists. Reckong Peo is additionally filled to the edge with extraordinary inns, cafés, and bistros, which has made this town very traveler amicable. The normal excellence of Reckong Peo is the thing that rules the entire town, as you will end up strolling through enormous apple plantations, or singing like Julia Andrews from Sound Of Music, in the gigantic green rich knolls, or possibly moving down the slopes like young kids underneath an unmistakable blue sky. However, what makes Reckong Peo so excellent isn't just nature's excellence that the town has yet in addition the captivating traveler destinations in and around the town.


About the Sangla Valley!


While Reckong Peo is a brilliant and tranquil town to spend your get-away and return for certain affectionate recollections, all things considered it will be godless in the event that you venture out right to Kinnaur area and not head over to the lovely Sangla Valley and Chitkul. The excellence of the Sangla Valley is notable, and it is just more than two hours drive from Reckong Peo. The whole street venture from Reckong Peo to Sangla Valley is glorious, You will go through probably the greenest and freshest fields that are damaged with lively blossoms. The trees dance to the tunes of the breeze, and the mountains accommodate the ideal material to this lovely picture. The celebrated Valley is the thing that excellence really implies. The quietness and newness noticeable all around will leave you in a daze, and there's nothing left but to give up yourself to the tranquility and appeal of this spot. As you drive up to the valley, the town of Sangla, which is the greatest town in the valley, will be the first to welcome you. This town resembles some other little city, complete with solid structures. Being the managerial capital of the Valley, Sangla has been moved by the hands of commercialization. This town was at first mainstream since there was an absence of convenience alternatives in the town of Chitkul. Beforehand, One would make Sangla the base, from where they would go to these dazzling wide open towns. As you pass this town, you will by and by see the enormous solid structures disappearing behind you, as tall green trees begin to supplant them. Indeed you will fall into the ecstasy of nature. There is the immaculate waterway Baspa that streams on the whole its magnificence. The stream genuinely adds another quill of appeal to the Sangla Valley. As you travel onto this unbeaten street, you will wooden houses springing toward the wonderful scene. This is the Rackham Village, which has acquired a great deal of ubiquity for its spotless territories, and dazzling scenes. As you cross this exquisite town, you will currently end up in a rough and winding way. The street is very unpleasant, since it has been straightforwardly cut from a mountain, and you will wind up rising unstably near the bluff. Yet, this is the thing that makes the excursion so energizing and intriguing. On one side there is a sharp bluff, on the other, you will be welcomed with various types of pine and birch trees. The air conveys the smells from every one of these trees and continues to fill your noses with them. The street takes a considerably more pleasant turn, when as you fall onto the way of Chitkul. The delightful delicate pinnacles emanate the beams of the sun and spread the beams all over their cold white pinnacles. As you move towards Chitkul, you will pass a beautiful cascade, which is settled concedes a thick backwoods and rocks, everything being equal, sizes, and shadings. The cascades easily as though coaxing you to remain there and tenderly look.




About the Chitkul Valley!


Chitkul is renowned for its apple plantations that rule the scene of Chitkul for the vast majority of the year. The second you enter you will be welcomed with green trees all bearing some delicious and red apples, tenderly giving over from the enormous trees. The little wooden houses in Chitkul all make them interest carvings on them. Pretty much every structure, even sanctuaries in the town has these outstanding carvings, which make it extremely fascinating to the travelers. The town has both the impacts of Buddhism and Hinduism, and you will discover religious communities and Hindu sanctuaries all coinciding under a similar clear blue sky. Chitkul likewise has some dazzling conventional and bona fide gifts like – nearby handiworks, Kinnauri caps that you can purchase. Chitkul accommodates the ideal view and setting to simply walk anyplace where your heart wants. Simply strolling across the huge green knolls with the brilliant perspectives on the mountains to stay with you, will fill you with unbridled delight. Go through a lethargic evening on the banks of the peaceful Baspa River. While, the walk is a little climb on lopsided grounds, yet it is unquestionably worth. You will wind up navigating through the bounties of nature. The town is totally similar to a fantasy. It has a similar appeal, enchantment, and appeal as that of a fantasy. There are currently numerous guesthouses and inns in Chitkul, and convenience won't be an issue. You should simply give up your faculties and let nature deal with you in the most ideal manner conceivable.


Best Places to See



Kothi is additionally called Koshtampi is an old enormous town in tehsil Kalpa, little underneath the Kalpa and close by Reckong Peo. The town is environs by the fields and natural product trees accentuated by grape plantations. It is over shadowed by Kinner Kailash top which frames a wonderful sceneries. The town with its alluring sanctuary, tanks and thoughtful willows makes an inside and out beautiful scene. The goddess Shuwang Chandika sanctuary is in the town. The neighborhood individuals hold the goddess in extraordinary veneration and believe her to be quite possibly the most remarkable goddess. There is a picture of gold situated in an ark. It is moved all over by four people at the hour of worship. There is one more sanctuary committed to Bhairon.



Reckong Peo

Reckong Peo is arranged at an elevation of 2670 m from the ocean level, found 235 km from Shimla. It is the District Headquarter having an all encompassing perspective on Kinner Kailash. Kinner Kailash mountain is viewed as one of the legendary homes of Lord Shiva, here is a 79 feet high stone development that takes after Sivalinga. This Sivalinga changes the tone as the day passes. Additionally noticeable on the stretch is the pinnacle of Raldang (5499 m). Reckong Peo has numerous inns and rest houses. There is a Buddhist Monasteries in the Reckong Peo.



Situated over 3 kms over the Hangrang valley street and is 119 kms from Kalpa on the western course of the tremendous heaps of Pargial. This is the most elevated town in the valley and the presence of lake framed out of the majority of the ice and snow above adds excellence to the village. The lake is bordered with willows and popular. Yaks, kine, ponies and asses are raised here in wealth. Nearby town divinity is Deodum and another Lagang sanctuary with a few symbols exist here. There is a remaining cottage for visitors. There are little, yet huge Buddhist sanctuaries and a stone is respected to have the engravings of the holy person Padmasambhava. This is the base for the journey to pargial top and is on the way to the Thashigang religious community, where a picture is said to develop hair.


Maa Bhimakali Temple

Sarahan was the capital of Bushahr Kingdom before it moved to Rampur on the banks of Satluj. Sarahan is situated on a slope and you need to move up this slope from the town named Jeori. Today it is a commonplace Himachali town with all the Kinnauri enchant. It is the seat of family divinity of the regal group of Bushahr. There is a colossal sanctuary committed to Goddess Bhimakali that houses a few sanctuaries, starting with an old Shiva sanctuary worked of stone. The façade of the sanctuary is vigorously cut in wood and you can respect the craftsmanship for quite a long time. The entryway is cut in silver and conveys engravings of different times of sanctuary. Fundamental sanctuary has two structures, an old and another one, both implicit a comparative design with tall constructions with substitute boards of wood and stone and the top made of cut wood. Other than the icon of ruling god Bhimakali, there is a symbol of Gautam Buddha additionally in the primary sanctuary. In a side complex is a sanctuary of neighborhood divinity—Lankra Vir. A little historical center features the things utilized by sanctuary over years for petitions and celebrations. No photography is permitted inside the sanctuary however you can click pictures in the complex. There is likewise a royal residence complex not very a long way from the Bhimakali Temple that is mostly open to people in general. Most amazing aspect of Sarahan is the perspective on Himalayas from the highest point of the sanctuary that shapes a vantage point.


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How to Reach Kinnaur

Kinnaur is a valley situated in the territory of Himachal Pradesh. It is associated by street to significant urban communities like Dehradun and Shimla. It doesn't have an air terminal or rail availability. here is the way to arrive at Kinnaur.


By Air

The closest air terminal is at Shimla, around 267 km from Kalpa. Shimla air terminal is associated with Delhi and Kullu. Cabs are effectively accessible from Shimla to Kinnaur.


By Road

Day to day transports and normal taxi administrations are accessible from Shimla and Rampur to Kinnaur. You can likewise arrive at Kinnaur from Lahaul and Spiti. Be that as it may, Malling Nullah close to Nako on the course is avalanche inclined.


By Train

Dehradun is the nearest railway station. Nearest toy train railway station is at Shimla and it is around 244 km from Kinnaur.

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